Plus Temperature Detection EN-FM902

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Core Features

Finger Print Capacity: 3,000
Face Record Capacity: 3,000
Used Record Capacity: 5,000
Photo Record Capacity: 1,000
Card Record Capacity: 10,000
Managment Record Capacity: 10,000
Verification Record Capacity: 500,000

The ASTHA EN-FM902 Plus Dynamic Face Recognition with Fingerprint Time Attendance Access Control body Temperature Measurements System for access (Mask Recognition Detection & IR Body Temperature measurement  ), it adopts ASTHA EN-FM902 Plus high-performance hardware platform, Color Camera Viewing Angle: 2 millions ( 1920 x 1080) Pixels, 60 Degrees( D) for Facial Recognition, as well as infrared thermal imaging Thermometer technology,   If Devices finds body temperature above a certian level it rejects entry to the premises as this machine can also control main engtry door along with time attendance recording of staff or employees. This is touch less biometric sensor or Card with infrared array body temperature sensor. it can easily recognize faces wearing masks for attendance. Face Recognition System supports Fingerprint & card reading input and other functions, which can be applied to the temperature security and the fast physical examination gate channels / channelled to achieve safe and efficient access control Systems. This face reader Fingerprint Time Attendance mamchine can even read face with mask to protect the workplace safety.


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