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Present Days & in future security will be common requirement for all types of  Home & Business. Data Gate provide one of the best CCTV & Security solutions in Bangladesh, including  HD Camera , DVR, IP camera, Time attendance and access control. We also provide high end security solutions like Hand Held Detector, Walk Through Detector, Tripod Turnstile, Walkie Talkie, Metal Detector, Guard Tour system etc..

CCTV Surveillance is complete package name together of  varieties Equipments such as camera, DVR, NVR, Software, etc..also very common name for us CCTV Camera in Bangladesh with which we can do   Audio Video Monitoring, audio video  recording, audio video analyzing and it’s also allows you to storage of  your office, home, industry’s activities for  the futures . Present days CCTV monitoring system  became most important issues in our business and personal life. We Data Gate provide the best solutions for CCTV Camera Solutions & security solution, Access control & Time attendance, Internet and network solutions, IP Telephony solutions  and Office productivity   solutions with world renown brands such as Dahua , Hikvision , Jovision , Avtech , Nitgen , Zktecho etc… And our CCTV Camera price in Bangladesh are most comparable  and low price with the best quality if we compare with other service provider in Bangladesh. Present days there is many provider provide the CCTV Camera in Bangladesh  but unfortunate truth is most of them are not able to provide the good services as we Data Gate Dose.  As we know now days CCTV Camera in Bangladesh  became more important to our daily business life as well as security issues and price became incomparable to the world specially in Bangladesh. But we Data Gate provide the most trusted CCTV Camera price in Bangladesh.

As we all know very well that we Bangladeshi are most common in corruption and always engage in cheating and  illegal dealing  with others without knowing of our Boss. But now its became more easy, trusty and reliable while you do install CCTV camera for your office, Home and Industry. And in that case Data Gate provide the best CCTV Camera in Bangladesh as well most reliable CCTV Camera price in Bangladesh also provide the endless after sales services .

About Data Gate :

Data Gate is an IT services provider for Products & Services based company as well as Importer established in 2014. The company has been promoted by some highly experienced professionals dedicated to provide total IT solutions specially CCTV Surveillance system with best quality and reasonable CCTV Camera price in Bangladesh under one roof.

As a complete CCTV Surveillance Products & Services  Provider company we address all aspects of a product/project development  life-cycle from preliminary analysis & design to programming , hardware & software specification, project implementation.

Our Mission :

To serve and to protect the interest of our Clients through providing the best CCTV Camera in Bangladesh.

To achieve excellence in providing those services and to encourage their participation through employing the ever evolving information and communication technologies


To provide both the private and public sector with innovative & robust CCTV Camera solutions that exploits the potential of cutting-edge Information Technologies. This we do by listening closely to the needs of our clients as they grapple to align new technologies with business strategies.



To provide clients with high quality and  appropriate CCTV Camera in Bangladesh also at cost-effective rates with world renown brand like Dahua , Hikvision , Jovision , Avtech , Nitgen , Zktecho in time, all the time – with the required on-going service and support.


The hallmark of DATA GATE is the delivery of exceptional & latest CCTV Cameras in Bangladesh. This we do by continuously stimulating awareness of total quality principles amongst our professional staff and embracing change, continuous improvement, diversity, technology and innovation; we strive to ensure the delivery of ultimate client satisfaction.


Data Gate is also an network products and solution provider we provide best quality and renown brand networking products like Cisco , Mikrotik , Panduit, Rosenberger, Toten the products line network Router, Bandwidth manager, Cat5 & 6 cable, network switch, Media converter, Server Rack, Poe Switch, Wireless router and more..

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